Advice 1: How to plant a tree

The Christmas tree is the perfect solution for the infield. It will be all year round to delight you with its beauty and resinous scent, purify the air of toxins and germs. Plant a tree by yourself is quite simple, only need to follow some simple rules.
How to plant a tree
You will need
  • 2-year-old seedling trees with a clod of earth
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Shovel
  • Mulch: dry sawdust
  • Abundant watering
  • Drainage of sand
  • Stake and twine
Select strong and healthy sapling tree at the age of two years. Look for it in a large kennel with a good reputation. It is also good to have a friend of the gardener or Forester – they will dig a small tree out of the ground. In our latitudes, accustomed and ordinary trees, and prickly, and canadian.
Check the condition of the roots of the seedling. Grab a tree saved a clod of earth or a plant, the root system which is in a special container. The roots must be active, that is, with white tips.
Plant a tree in late April-early may, when the buds are still asleep. So it is faster to cope with stress is to transplant, any transplant. Gardeners often plant spruce and at the end of August, early September. During this period the roots of the trees are actively growing.
Prepare the hole for planting the tree in advance - two weeks. Typically, for a major two-year seedlings are digging a recess with a diameter of about a meter and a depth of 60-70 cm Planting hole, fill with a mixture of compost and humus, pine needles and add bone meal. Some gardeners pre-made fertilizers. But the majority of advises to do this in the spring when the tree is finally accepted and gets stronger.
Place the sapling tree on a lightly deposited a mound of fertile soil and carefully spread the roots. Earth com should be able to slide in the landing pit. Slightly lifting the tree, fill it and seal the ground. It is important that it is then not settled, dragging the sapling. The place of transition of the trunk to the roots (root collar) should always be flush with the surface of the soil!
Kopite next to the planted tree stake and tie it with twine. Around the seedling make a cushion out of the ground and sprinkle a plant sawdust. A well-watered tree, below in the pit, lost all of the "air holes". Your coniferous tree needs plenty of moisture, but stagnation of water it does not like. Therefore, the clay soil make sure drainage of sand.

Advice 2 : How to plant a blue spruce

It is important to remember that spruce barbed blue is not an independentfirtion form, and one of the subspecies of the usual spruce – tree with green needles. From seed can hatch green, greenish-blue and blue-grey shoots. The more saturated the shade of blue is a seedling, the more valuable it is. Bright blue get about 15 percent of all planted seeds.
How to plant a blue spruce
You will need
  • seeds, seedlings or cuttings;
  • - a box of sand;
  • - greenhouse or film;
  • - means for plant growth;
  • - peat;
  • - the soil of forests (coniferous trees)
If you have collected the cones near the blue spruce and now want to grow a tree from seed then it can be done in two ways. The first way is in autumn or in spring sow seeds in a box of sand. When the seeds sprout, when you swordplay, you can choose plants with blue needles and plant them in fertile ground. Threat of dry limestone soil with small.Eltion layer. The second way is in the spring, when the sun heats the ground, put the seeds in water for 12 hours and then place them immediately in the garden.
In the summer you can take the stalk from the middle of the tree and its upper part, but not the very top. Take shoots with lateral branches, keeping a small layer of old wood that protects the stalk from rotting. Also in the lower part of the stalk is left of the needles. To improve the rooting process is cutting substances for growth (IAA, kornevin, etc.) and put in a mixture of peat and sand in proportion 1:3 – progress: at first, thefirbut in a greenhouse or under the film. "Water young trees frequently, but not abundantly. On hot days it is necessary to simultaneously carry out the ventilation and watering.
Can immediately purchase seedlings (main plus – it is clear the color of the needles). First, they should be planted in a greenhouse or a greenhouse, creating more humidity. The effect is achieved through the water containers or the special mist installation.
Young trees should be planted in loose, well permeable to water and air the soil with a thick layer of drainage. Avoid water stagnation – Christmas trees can turn yellow. NspruceGia to use areas under potatoes, corn and other crops prone to fungal diseases such as blue spruce is very sensitivespruceon the fungi and infected them quickly through the soil. When planting zhelatsprucebut mix with existing soil "wild" - taken in the forest under evergreen trees - the ground.
Blue spruce grows slowly, but can reach heights of over forty metres and trunk diameter of about five feet.
Useful advice
Remember that blue spruce does not tolerate frost, so the first two years in the winter the trees should cover.
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