You will need
  • 2-year-old seedling trees with a clod of earth
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Shovel
  • Mulch: dry sawdust
  • Abundant watering
  • Drainage of sand
  • Stake and twine
Select strong and healthy sapling tree at the age of two years. Look for it in a large kennel with a good reputation. It is also good to have a friend of the gardener or Forester – they will dig a small tree out of the ground. In our latitudes, accustomed and ordinary trees, and prickly, and canadian.
Check the condition of the roots of the seedling. Grab a tree saved a clod of earth or a plant, the root system which is in a special container. The roots must be active, that is, with white tips.
Plant a tree in late April-early may, when the buds are still asleep. So it is faster to cope with stress is to transplant, any transplant. Gardeners often plant spruce and at the end of August, early September. During this period the roots of the trees are actively growing.
Prepare the hole for planting the tree in advance - two weeks. Typically, for a major two-year seedlings are digging a recess with a diameter of about a meter and a depth of 60-70 cm Planting hole, fill with a mixture of compost and humus, pine needles and add bone meal. Some gardeners pre-made fertilizers. But the majority of advises to do this in the spring when the tree is finally accepted and gets stronger.
Place the sapling tree on a lightly deposited a mound of fertile soil and carefully spread the roots. Earth com should be able to slide in the landing pit. Slightly lifting the tree, fill it and seal the ground. It is important that it is then not settled, dragging the sapling. The place of transition of the trunk to the roots (root collar) should always be flush with the surface of the soil!
Kopite next to the planted tree stake and tie it with twine. Around the seedling make a cushion out of the ground and sprinkle a plant sawdust. A well-watered tree, below in the pit, lost all of the "air holes". Your coniferous tree needs plenty of moisture, but stagnation of water it does not like. Therefore, the clay soil make sure drainage of sand.