In the forest, select suitable tree. It should not be too large, because young trees take root better. When the earth will freeze up to 30 cm long, carefully dig up the tree. It is necessary not to damage the roots. To do this, you must first be dug around the tree groove and to allocate kom around the roots. Whom would be covered with ice, it can then from the bottom to cut the steel cable and remove the spruce. When you carry the Christmas tree, Nestle kom sacking.
How to plant <strong>El</strong>
Prepare a suitable hole for the EFI. It should be large enough that the roots of the trees were not crowded. Prepare well in thawed soil for backfill of the pit. This few days keep the land in a warm room. Submerge the tree into the hole, cover with soil. Insulate the root collar of the spruce and the space around with the help of peat and snow. The layer should be about 10 cm thick.
How to plant <strong>El</strong>
Wait until spring when the snow melts, remove the peat from the root collar. Then shape around the tree a small indentation for irrigation and pour the wood. In the water you can add a growth stimulants. The trunk of the spruce can be strengthened with the help of stretch marks. The space around the trunk cover with mulch to water is less evaporated and not grow weeds.
How to plant <strong>El</strong>