You will need
  • planting material;
  • - drainage;
  • - peat;
  • - sand;
  • - ground sheet;
  • loam;
  • - complex fertilizer;
  • - mulch material.
Seedlings of coniferous, even with closed root system, it is not recommended for a long time kept in temporary containers, and therefore plan the purchase of planting material in the spring. This will allow decorative sapling planted in a permanent place at the beginning of the garden season, take root and grow strong before the cold weather. A good time for spring planting is late April or early may.
Click a site to conifers. Varieties of pine and juniper need well-lit place on the sandy loam. Arborvitae, fir and spruce are not affected by the lightly shaded area, if you choose them moderately moist, humus-rich soil.
Dig a planting hole for the plant. The size of the deepening with two times greater than dimensions of a soil clod seedlings. Typically, large plants require a pit depth of about 70 cm and a diameter of about one meter. At the bottom of the recesses, pour drainage layer with a thickness of 15 centimeters. In this capacity, you can use the broken bricks.
Mix the nutritional composition of part peat, part sand, two parts leaf soil and the same amount of turf. Add in the prepared soil of 100 grams of NPK. If you are planting fir, include in the mixture of sawdust.
Pour part of the nutrient mixture in the planting hole so that the level at which the land was situated in a temporary container that match the level of the ground around the pit. Remove the seedling from the container without damaging the roots. If you purchased a coniferous plant with roots wrapped in burlap, untie the pressure bandage on it. Place seedling in hole and fill with a nourishing blend between a clod of earth and the walls of the pit. In the process of adding a nutrient mixture utrambovyvaya her.
Make excavation a bead height of about 10 centimeters around the filled pits. This simple structure will help to save water when watering. Moisten well the ground in tree trunks circle and sprinkle it with peat or bark mulch layer of 5 cm. If there is a dry Sunny weather, shade the plant.