You will need
  • - soil;
  • - fertilizers;
  • planting material;
  • water;
  • - shovel;
  • - watering.
Dig up young firs that want to transplant to their land. To dig better in the woods, where there is a clear saudinet landings. Try first how to outline a square with sides around 30-40 cm around the tree. Then, deepening the pin spade, cut out a clod with a young fir-tree. Fit for transplanting trees up to 0.5 m high, other is better not to touch, a high risk that they will not survive.
Make a "mash", mixing equal proportions of peat, rotted cow manure and compost soil. Dilute the mixture with a little water to the consistency resembled a dough for pancakes. Dip the roots in this "talker", then tie them with plastic and put the tree in a bucket, removing to shaded area.
Select the location for planting trees. It is better to plant at the fence, because the trees will grow tall and may shade the garden, garden or flower bed. It is advisable to direct sunlight to this area came only in the evening: eat whatever tolerate morning or afternoon sun.
Prepare planting holes with a size of about 50 CC On the bottom put a thick layer of plant debris (it's all good, but weeds perennials – sow-Thistle, nettle, goutweed, etc.). Mandatory pour and finish with inteferon or other medication from the harmful insects that can hide in plant debris. The next layer will be compost soil or rotted manure. Last pre-filmed from the landing on fertile soil.
Planted spruce in the early morning, preferably below stood a cloudy day. Pitch ukryvnoy a temporary structure, covered with dark polyethylene. These trees do not like a lot of light, and at the time of transplantation are particularly susceptible to it. The circumference of the tree trunks of the circle, make a groove, make it complex fertilizers consisting of nitrogen, superphosphate, and potassium. Liberally pour the saplings at the root. In the following week the trees shown daily watering and shallow cultivation. 10-15 days shading design can be removed.