Please note on the box. The first thing that catches the eye when buying – the box. A real Apple product usually is shipped in sealed boxes. Although it is not the main criterion, because the seller can inspect the goods for integrity after transportation. It is important if the back of the box barcode, which can be used to authenticate. If it is missing, then with a probability of 100%, you got a fake.
Look at the body of the tablet, hold in the hands of the device. Not even including the tablet, you may determine that you have fake or original iPad. A real Apple product lightweight, but comfortable in the hand. The case does not creak, does not slip. It is made of high quality plastic sides and metal back. Of course, there should be a logo on the back of the tablet – bitten Apple.
Please note what operating system is installed. The real iPad runs only on the iOs operating system. This is the first thing you need to pay attention when switched on. Naturally, the download will take some time, as new device, still a nobody until you do not used, should be activated to join in the work. First, light grey flickering screen (just for a few seconds), then will download iOs.
Each device Apple has its own serial number, that allows you to track not only the authenticity of the gadget, but the time of activation, the repair, if it was, specifications, model. The serial number can be found under the lid of the box the device, and under the cover of the device. All you need to enter this number on the official Russian site of Apple. So you can not only learn genuine do you have the iPad, and whether it is new or was previously used by someone before you.
Look at what battery have svejesobranna tablet. This criterion is not very critical, but is the place to be. Especially if you make a purchase through the online store. Authentic iPad comes with a full battery – the battery must be 100%.
Another way to authenticate a device is to connect it to the computer where already open iTunes. If it appears to connect, but also to determine the gadget, you can be sure – the iPad is genuine, not fake or copy.
Never mind, where are manufactured the tablet. Unfortunately, the site where collected iPhone, iPad, iPod, doesn't always reside in the USA. That's why even on the original models, one can often find a record that the device was assembled in China or other countries of Central Asia. The place of Assembly is not a guarantee of the authenticity of the iPad.