To know the number of the firmware, select in the main menu of the iPhone the folder "Settings" (or Settinings in the English version). This folder - "Core" (or General), then select the "About phone" (About). It is necessary data, but apart from that and the serial number of the iPhone, which is also required to perform various manipulations with the iPhone.
If the phone is brand new and not even activated in the following way: you must enter via the keyboard the emergency room *3001#12345#* and press the call button. Even in non-activated model appears on the screen service menu - a list of information that you can learn about it. You need to choose a Version, which will have a certain sequence of digits, with which you can decipher a number of firmware iPhone. So, if the sequence of numbers in the Firmware version starts with 04.04.05..., existing on the iPhone version firmware is 1.1.4, if 04.03..... something 1.1.3, etc, but if you see the numbers 03......, the phone includes a version numberom 1.0.2.
In addition, indirectly will help to learn about the firmware, if the phone didn't pereproshivka after purchase from the shop, the serial number of the phone. Serial numbere 3 digit represents the year 4 and 5 - week release of the staff during the year. Knowing this, it is easy to find the information about which room the official version used to install in the factory at this time.
You can also check the version of firmware in a computer. Synchronize with PC iPhone, then go to Itunes. Under "Device" you need to select the model of your iPhone, after which the information appeared need to find the entry "Version". These data are the version of the firmware smartphone. There you can upgrade if you need a newer version of firmware.