For example, the model of the phone you can see without removing the cover thanks to the IMEI, which, in turn, is displayed on the display of the telephone after the introduction, in the standby mode the sequence of digits or characters: *#06#.

To know and verify the phone model also is possible thanks to the numerous online services that today in sufficient quantity can be found on the world wide web. One of these services, for example, created an organization called International Numbering Plans.

Service by this organization has an electronic form, in the box, under name Enter the IMEI Number Below, you must enter IMEI and then click Analyse.

The results of this manipulation in subsequent graphs of the electronic form will see the following output:

– Allocation graph Type Folder – the manufacturer of the phone;

count Mobile Equipment Type – model of phone;

count Primary Market – belonging to a particular market;

Phone model you can also learn through the program TAC-List Free, which has a constantly updated database in near real time.

For those who are not satisfied with the results of the search databases on the Internet, there is another way to know what model is his phone. With this method, you will also have to resort to the help of the Internet. In this embodiment, it is proposed to visually compare the available on hand model with those that are placed in the compilations on numerous pages on the Internet. Although this method is not as quick, but quite effective.