Officially imported to Russia phone needs to be certified. Remember that certified phones on the box are the logos of the CCC and Rostest Ministry of communications of Russia which are printed in the typographical way. In addition, you should check under the battery logo SSS and Rostest Ministry of communications of Russia, caused also printed. Such marks are a guarantee of certification of the phone. Ask the sellers when buying a mobile phone to show you Rostest sticker on the phone and confirm their identity.
Make sure that the seller provides firm guarantee certified service center (not less than 12 months) with the issuance of the warranty. Remember that in the case of buying uncertified phone you will not repair your vehicle on the territory of Russia. Also for certification of purchased mobile indicates the presence of the user addresses and phones of offices of the manufacturer of the phone in Russia.
Check the codes IMEI printed on the rating label (located under the battery on the cell phone casing) and on the packaging, as well as code IMEI located in the phone itself. It is necessary to dial *#06#. On the screen have a serial number (or IMEI code). Comparing it with the already checked the codes on the box and on the case. All codes must be the same. For determining the certification of your phone, check the IMEI number against a database of manufacturers. The easiest way to do this is to visit the website and check the IMEI via an online service. Alternative – call the hotline of the manufacturer and dictate the operator your IMEI. For example, a hotline phone Nokia - 8 800 700 2222. After a few minutes of inspection or the confirmation of the legality of the phone or not.