Advice 1: How to find out serial number of phone

The IMEI and original serial numberis usually a copy of the serial number of the phone. To know the IMEI or serial number of the mobile phone can be read in two ways.
The IMEI and original serial number
Method one: unplug the phone, remove the cover to fix the battery myself the battery. Next to the container for a SIM card underneath the battery, you will see the factory sticker with the words “IMEI” or “S/N” followed by numbers. These numbers are the serial number.
Of course, this method cannot be used if your camera has a built-in battery. For example, the built-in battery are all the Apple iPhone models. Then you need to use the second method.
The second way: to know the IMEI number, dial the key combination *#06# and pressing the call button, you will see on the screen the serial number of your mobile phone. Please note that without inserting a SIM card this method for checking IMEI does not work on phones with some manufacturers.

Advice 2 : How to find the serial number of the computer

The MAC address is a unique identifier for network cards. It is still in production. In this time a lot of Internet providers fixed access to Internet by MAC address. This means that you can only use the Internet from one machine, the MAC address which is written at the provider. Replacement of the MAC address may be required, for example, when buying a new computer.
How to find the serial number of the computer
You will need
  • PC
Click "Start". Next "All programs". And select the tab "Standard".
Select "Command prompt". In this window write “ipconfig/all” and press “Enter”. Opposite to "Physical address" in the window you will see the MAC address.
You can also find out the MAC address some other way. Click "Start". Further, the "control Panel"
Go to the tab "Network and Internet". Next, click on "control Center network and sharing"
On the right, select "Change adapter settings".
In the opened window, right button click on "Connect" (local area Connection) and select properties.
In the window at the top click on the inscription with the name of your network card.
In the pop-up message will appear the MAC address of your network card. In the same window click on "Configure"
In the window that opens, click "Advanced"
In the list, select "Network address". Appears 12 digits to the right. This is the MAC ID.
Here you can change the MAC ID.Instead of those numbers, write new and press OK.

Advice 3 : How to find the serial number of the CPC

If the CCP has ceased to function properly, before contacting technical support, be sure to determine the serial number of a pocket personal computer and the model number: this allows you to get professional help under warranty.
How to find the serial number of the CPC
You will need
  • - PDAs.
If possible, turn the device on. Then click on start, choose Programs, and then click Help and Support, which will see the serial number of the CPC and the model number of this pocket PC.
Flip the device and remove the cover that covers the battery. Near the battery sticker pasted it to view the serial number of a pocket PC.
Dial on your handheld, the following combination of characters: *#06#. After that, the screen of the pocket computer will display the serial number of the device.
After flashing PDA changes its serial number, so if some mobile applications do not run on the device, register these programs with the new serial number of the CPC.
If the mobile application was incorrectly entered serial number of a pocket PC, send it to technical support for this website request the removal of false registration. The message may have the following form: "Please remove the incorrect registration." However, in the query text, append license key mobile applications incorrectly entered the serial number of the PDA, as well as their contact information.
Not pereprygivaya CPC alone since not only there will be problems with determining the serial number of the device, but there may be far more terrible problem – fatal error in device operation. Entrust the execution of firmware specialist.
Useful advice
Visit specialized resources, to discuss specifics of work with handheld computers, the most common faults, as well as issues related to the determination of the serial number. Here to determine the serial number of the device, the use of special programs. Read reviews about these programs and download them to further work.
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