Enter on the numeric keyboard key combination "*#06#" in the mode of entering the telephone number. Will display a 15-digit number which is IMEI.
Look at the 7 or 8 position. If this value is "02" or "20" it means that the phone is manufactured in the United Arab Emirates and is bad quality. If the numbers are "08" or "80", the producer is Germany. The numbers "01" or "10" indicates that the phone was made in Finland, and if the 7 and 8 positions of the entry number is "00", it means that the phone was assembled in the factory of the manufacturer, which is very good. Devices that contain this provision, the number "13" was produced in Azerbaijan and may threaten the user's health due to the extremely low quality.
Look for a box of apparatus. There should not be any inscriptions with the names of foreign mobile operators (e.g. Orange or Vodafone). The box should be pasted logos ESAs and the PCT, are applied also under the battery of the device.
Look at the list of languages supported by the phone. Must contain Russian language. The set shall be supplied fully translated manual, which is printed on quality paper.
Warranty provides a service in certified service center and must be efficiently printed entirely in Russian. The coupon is applied the list of authorized STS that are present in major cities and regions.
IMEI that is written on the sticker behind the battery must match the value that is displayed on the screen in the query result "*#06#".