Redness of the eyes, even if is not a sign of a serious disease is reason enough to pay them close attention. If you constantly sit at the computer or "avidly" read a book, it is unlikely to want to relinquish this pleasure or need, but still do not forget that your eyes require care. Most try to escape from the prying browsing, blink do eye exercises at least a few minutes a day. Buy special glasses, and most importantly - keep your eyes distance not less than 30 cm from the screen or printed page. Drops to relieve eye fatigue and tea brew will also help you to improve their condition. By the way, incorrect glasses, or the unwillingness to wear them also leads to redness of the eyes due to excessive muscle tension.Another very common cause of redness of the eye – conjunctivitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane. He's usually accompanied by other symptoms – burning, itching, excessive formation of tears, secretion of thick secretions, etc. Causes of this disease can be of various viral and bacterial infections, and allergies. Redness of eyes may occur as a complication of a cold or the flu. If you are not lucky enough to avoid conjunctivitis is not successful, try not to postpone the visit to the ophthalmologist. To treat the infection yourself is not the best option. Consult a doctor – curable five days; will delay – conjunctivitis can take a latent form.If the conjunctivitis is caused by allergies, you will have to contact the appropriate specialist. First of all we should find the allergen, to try to eliminate it or lessen the impact.Other causes of redness can be both external stimuli (wind, smoke, cigarettes, excessive dryness in the room, visit bath, bright sunlight, foreign body), and inner – alcohol, lack of sleep, lack of vitamins, food poisoning) and so once you eliminate the effect of these irritants, your eyes will be back to normal. Eye redness can also occur when poor blood clotting, diabetes, sudden changes in blood pressure, glaucoma or astigmatism (also a consequence of the surge). In this case it is necessary to fight the causes of diseases.