You will need
  • - video signal cable.
First try to expand the screen, increasing the resolution. Typically, this method allows you to capture more usable screen space. In Windows Seven go to the control panel and select "appearance and personalization". Now open the menu "Display" and scroll to "adjust screen resolution" located in the left column.
In the menu "screen Resolution" set a higher value. This method has several disadvantages: the deterioration of the image quality transmitted from the monitor, and decrease the refresh rate of the screen. If you are not satisfied with the result, then connect the additional monitor. As its analogue you can use a LCD or plasma TV.
Connect to the second port of your video card to another monitor or TV. This process can be carried out even when the system unit. To connect the TV, we recommend to use connectors that transmit digital signal. Now repeat the procedure entry in the settings menu of the monitor.
Press the "Find" button and wait until the system detects an additional device. Now select the graphic image of the second monitor and activate the option "Make this main display". This will allow you to use the TV (better monitor) instead of the standard device.
To significantly increase the workspace, select "Extend this screen". On one of the monitors (which is secondary) will be lost all the shortcuts and will only display the desktop picture.
To run the application on the second screen, simply drag the cursor beyond the first monitor (left or right). Note that it is recommended to set both screens to the same resolution. Otherwise, one of the monitors will be busy not the whole workspace.