The most common cause of shaking the body and limbs of cats is a strong physical or psychological stress to the animal. The tremor may appear at the time of fear, stress, surveillance of prey. In addition, the sleeping cat may shake from the cold or if her body is in an awkward joint position. This condition for the animal is the norm, and the owner, in this case, nothing to worry about.
If you notice that your cat is shaking, try to objectively determine the cause. If your pet is cold, offer the cat warm Mat, or just take on hand. To calm the frightened animal is also using affection.
Please note that the frequent tremors of the body can be observed in cats during their puberty, and cats in heat. Such displays are also not a cause for concern.
Shake the body of the cat can be a symptom of a number of diseases. If the pet is often tremors in the legs, which gives him not only discomfort, but also hinders movement, the master should pay attention to the nutrition of the animal. These symptoms are the first signs of lack of nutrients in the body, and to a greater extent, calcium.
In order to improve the health of the cat, experts recommend introducing in the diet nutrition more natural products and special mineral additives. Before the use of such medicines is best to consult a veterinarian.
The most dangerous disease of cats, which is accompanied by a shake of the body, is the rhinotracheitis. This disease primarily affects the organs of sight and respiration of the animal. The lack of timely aid can seriously harm your pet.
Some types of parasites can also cause shaking of the cat. In this case, it is necessary to carefully inspect the fur of an animal and show it to a specialist. Parasites can be not only external but also internal.