You will need
  • Toys and balls for cats
  • Spray bottle
  • Ladle
Take the imp in his arms. Diarrhea and pet him if he is very active runs, jumps on the curtains, clinging to the furniture, bites and scratched like a wild. Try five to ten minutes of every hour of your stay at home to devote to the kitten, petting him, play with him to distract him.
пристроить котенка в хорошие руки
Show strictness, if the kitten is still extremely active. When he spoil the furniture and Wallpaper or even becomes unmanageable, don't be afraid to splash water on him. This sober sparkle the baby.
Как успокоить коня
Be strict but consistent in the educational process. Splash your child with water only in the moment of direct mischief. Another effective way is to throw an iron object on the floor, for example, aluminum lid of the pot or the ladle close to the kitten. Thus, it will associate the unpleasant consequences (water, crashing) with his negative behavior.
почему урчат кошки
Don't hit on the head and Lupita's baby. Cats are very touchy and vindictive. The only method that is applicable to them, as education is a click on the ears.In cats there is a rather sensitive area.
что вибрирует у кота
Start to reward a kitten for good behavior. If he stopped meowing in the mornings, cuddles to you, sharpening its claws in the right place, be sure to praise him and treat feline treat.
Почему коты так много спят
Be consistent when you reward a kitten for good behavior. Don't praise him unnecessarily. He will begin to exercise greater diligence to get the deserved promotion.