Imagine that you decided to take the kitten home. Of course, you would want it to be beautiful, good-natured and completely healthy animal. Think for yourself, not hearing a cat in the family is not so much a problem, but some discomfort to create a pet. For example, in order to calm overly "talkative" animal without hearing defects, usually fairly calmly but firmly ask him to stop talking. If the cat is deaf, you will have to adjust its behavior using some other method of exposure.
Before you pick up your kitten home, check how well he hears. To do this, stand behind him or hide in a place where the baby will not be able to see – for example, around a corner or door. Create a noise – clap your hands or whistle. If the kitten shuddered, bounced, or simply fearfully looks around with pinned ears - in General, responds to unusual sounds coming from nowhere - a hearing in this particular animal, everything is in order. If no response to the noise made by you is not followed, it cannot be excluded that the child hears poorly or completely deaf.
If you suspect that your cat suffers from deafness, try to do this test. When the animal had just dozed off, drop to the floor in the same room an empty pot or loudly slam the door. If the cat distinguishes between different sounds, it startled jump from his seat; deaf animal will continue peacefully to sleep without even changing posture.
Do not panic if suddenly found that living in your home the cat hears nothing. First, make sure that the animal actually does not distinguish between the sounds. With absolute certainty you can verify that either a veterinarian or an expert-felinologist. If the animal is really devoid of hearing, it's not so bad, because this defect is usually kompensiruet he's increased sensitivity to air movement and vibration of the floor. You'll hardly be able to sneak up on an adult cat naslyshana unnoticed, because only the kitten does not know what is meant by the vibrations of the floorboards under his feet. Adult animal not only understands that it is someone trying to get closer, but be able to distinguish who of the family members it makes.
Should not be released neslisah the cat outside, since, despite their keen eyesight and sensitive tactile receptors, the animal may not be able to react to sudden hazards. A deaf cat may attack the dog or get hit by a car, so take care of your pet and don't let him outside of the house.