Advice 1: What to do when shaking hands

Shaking hands is found in many diseases. Nervous disorders, depression, significant physical and emotional stress, effects of trauma, lesions of the cerebellum – these and many other factors can cause tremor in the hands. Very common alcoholic tremor, and tremor in cases of poisoning after consumption of certain drugs and caffeine.
What to do when shaking hands
Very often, a tremor in his hands is the result of excessive exercise. This is a temporary phenomenon, which does not speak of disorders of the Central nervous system.

In General, the hands may tremble for different reasons. If you have experienced an emotional outburst or "freaked out" at work, in this case, you need to calm down. Do one squat and breathe deeply. Try not to be nervous and irritated, and all conflicts resolve without displays of emotion.

Some people's fingers begin to tremble at the slightest excitement. It's called hysterical tremor of the hands due to disorders of the nervous system. Watch for them. If for two weeks, hands shaking constantly, and it is not due to physical exertion, stress situations should seek the advice of a neurologist.

With trembling hands can help some traditional medicines. Mix with a knife 50 grams of propolis and put it in a half-liter container with vodka. Insist 2 weeks in a dark place, shaking every day three times a means. The resulting infusion pour into a glass dish, and the propolis again, pour vodka and insist. Take the medicine 1 tbsp. spoon three times a day half an hour before meals with a glass of boiled water. After a month, repeat the course.

With trembling hands associated with fatigue and nervous stress, you can take motherwort tincture. It has a soothing and regenerating and energising properties. On the night together with motherwort can drink a glass of water, diluted with 0.5 tablespoons of honey.

If you have a predisposition to tremor of the hands, it is better to limit the consumption of chocolate, coffee and strong tea. Abstain from alcohol and Smoking. At the time of adoption of alcohol hand tremors is for a short time, but then reappears with a vengeance.

Shaking hands is one of the main signs of alcoholic tremor, characteristic of advanced disease of alcoholism. Most often, the tremor observed in the morning, the hangover and decreases or disappears after drinking alcohol. This patient should undergo immediate examination by a psychiatrist.

If the cause of shaky hands is not yet known, however, you begin to notice that they began to lose weight, there irritability, sweating and palpitations, consult your endocrinologist. In this situation, the trembling of the hands may indicate excessive secretion of thyroid hormones. Disease of this organ entails disruptions in the life of the whole organism.

Hand tremor can be one of the main features of shaking palsy or Parkinson's disease). This particular type of shake. It is most noticeable at rest, when a person lies or sits. During playback, any motion the tremors becomes less visible, and sometimes disappear altogether. Tremor is asymmetric, i.e. one hand is shaking more than the other. This disease progresses rapidly and after some time can make a person disabled. The patient must be treated by a neurologist.

If in Parkinson's disease hand tremor occurs at rest, disease Minor (essential tremor) it appears when the tension of muscles, movement of limbs, while trying to maintain the position. It is a hereditary disease in which the hand tremor stops when falling asleep.

In 25% of cases to jitter joining violations with the letter, a slight increase in muscle tone of the hands and a slight degree of torticollis. Although patients with this disease have relatively good quality of life and longevity, they must be under the tireless supervision of a neurologist.

Advice 2: Why do Chihuahuas shiver

Chihuahua is one of the most ancient rocks, the rock paintings of little dogs – their ancestors belong to the IX century BC. e. This breed Mexican residents of Mexico believe that they were imported to Earth by aliens from outer space, because the dogs that have not overgrown Fontanelle on the crown. Another characteristic feature of the Chihuahua is trembling of the body.
Why do Chihuahuas shiver

Chihuahua. Features of the breed.

The size of these dogs are really small adults can weigh from 0.9 to 2.8 kg. They are different in a variety of options of color and are one of the most intelligent breeds, is well aware of the person. In communication they are unobtrusive, though a very playful and inquisitive.

Despite their size, these dogs have a great sense of dignity and courage. In addition, it is very balanced breed and its members rarely meet postolek. Clever Chihuahua is able to quickly find your weak areas and would be happy to use this knowledge to seek privileges and exemptions for themselves.

Reasons why shaking Chihuahua

The tremors, which periodically shakes the body of this dog is considered a breed, but it cannot be said that the constant shake was the norm, so you should pay attention if the dog is constantly shaking. Reasons for this may be several. Sometimes this problem is of a medical nature and is associated with reduced levels of blood sugar. For this breed is hypoglycemia – a common phenomenon. If that's the reason, pay attention to diet and diet dog. Discard the sweet encouragements, feed it more often and in strictly fixed hours.

Sometimes the cause of trembling may be anxiety and nervous excitement that is associated with the appearance in the house of a foreign person or with the change of environment. Tremors may be caused by the expectation of some joyful event that happens regularly. And of course, the reason may just be fear. If the puppy is scared and he should be calm.
Teach your dog from puppyhood to communicate with strangers, learn to overcome fears.

Chihuahua may tremble and for the same reason that people from the cold weather. Since the undercoat is missing, in a cool place or in cold weather they can simply freeze. Therefore, it is useful for this dog will be buying jackets and overalls, which they can flaunt on the street and feel more comfortable at home.
Strong nervous agitation or disorder in a Chihuahua can be removed with the help of sedative drugs, such as drops "Kombayn".

In some cases, the dog may shake just from nervous feelings. Usually they poskulivaet and even moan. Pay attention to your pet, take him up, let them know that you love him, tell him about it and try to distract from the fact that he was upset.

Advice 3: The child's shaking hands: what to do

Hand tremors in children is called tremor. This condition can be normal (physiological) and pathological, and to indicate serious problems in the child's body.
The child's shaking hands: what to do

Physiological tremor

There are a number of conditions in which the shaking of the hands of children is the norm.

Tremor neonatal. Infants often shaking the handle and chin with weeping, because of the immaturity of the nerve centers responsible for movement. To help the kid quicker to cope with this condition, your doctor may prescribe a relaxing bath with sea salt or soothing collection of herbs, special exercises, long walks in the fresh air.

Hand tremor after exercise. This condition is called muscle fatigue. No therapeutic measures are not required, you just need to give the child a good rest. If tremor after exercise appears regularly – perhaps the child's body too quickly consume potassium and sodium. It is most efficient to replenish these trace elements will help ordinary stewed fruit, and apricots, bananas, dates.

Hand tremor by excitement, stress, emotional stress. If shaking hands the child, who has to speak in front of a large audience, to take the exam, to carry out complex instructions – is also a normal variant. This is caused by the fact that under stress release the hormone adrenaline, causing an involuntary muscle contraction, which is manifested by trembling of the hands. But if this problem is regularly tormented by children attending additional education music or art school where you want regular delivery of tests and exams, you should consider the options of "unloading" of the nervous system of the child. Excitable children, long staying in the "training stress" – risk category, and if in the childhood the body reacts to the tremors, in adulthood, problems may arise. The same applies to very young children suffering from hand tremor each time after crying.

What can we offer to such children as relaxation? First, strict adherence to routines, adequate sleep, a much longer walk. Second, orderly adequate nutrition, minimization or elimination of excitatory substances (Cola, chocolate, strong tea). Thirdly, if the child attends an educational institution receives a first character, definitely at least 2-3 times a week to offer a child every possible physical activity. It can be swimming, Biking, rollerblading, skiing, skating, various games with a ball outdoors, badminton, tennis. As an addition you can use (in the absence of an Allergy after a consultation with the doctor) herbal teas (sedative) fees honey. Occasionally, the doctor may prescribe a mild sedative in the form of pharmaceutical drug, motherwort or Valerian. You should know that the child should such funds not in the form of alcoholic tinctures, and tablets.

Pathological tremor

This condition is usually accompanied by other painful symptoms. It can be caused by various nervous system diseases, injuries, intoxication. And diagnosis, and treatment in these cases should be performed only by a doctor.

If you begin to notice the trembling hands of a child, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor. After passing the examination, the doctor will be able to determine the exact cause of the tremor, which will depend on the treatment.
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