Advice 1: Why is the dog twitches in her sleep

If you've never even held in your home dogs, you may surprise and even scare the unusual behavior of the sleeping dog. She can twitch her limbs in her sleep and even try to bark. Why this happens and whether it is dangerous?
Why is the dog twitches in her sleep
If your house came a puppy, then you have a lot of interesting and unexpected discoveries. There are certain regularities in the behavior of dogs that are inherent to all without exception representatives of this type. For example, every owner of a dog regardless of its breed can confidently say that his pet is sleeping very restlessly. Why is this happening?

How behaves during sleep the dog?

Like humans, dogs are different phases of sleep. If in the light phase it wakes up from the slightest sound or movement, with the onset of deep or fast phase of sleep, the animal has not come out so easy to Wake up. To determine the onset of the deep sleep phase the attentive owner of the dog may be on a number of grounds. These include intensive movement of the eyeballs under the closed eyelids, twitching of the lips and whiskers of the animal, gradually changing into some semblance of swallowing movements with the aid of the jaws and tongue.

In dogs with excitable nervous system movements during sleep do not only apply to the muscles of the face. In deep sleep she begins to touch with his paws as if running somewhere; it looks very funny and kind of like represent running dogs in the old cartoons. Sometimes the dog may even whine or muffled barking without waking up.

Why is the dog twitches and whines in his sleep?

Scientists who investigated the structure and function of the brain dogs, determined that these Pets see much more vivid and dynamic dream than a man. In certain parts of the brain of the animal is caused intense voltage. Its changes explain what a dog dreams that cause her to behave restlessly without waking up.

A dream of a dog differs from human not only the brightness but also the duration. People often dream long dreams similar to feature films. What a dream dog, is a few pictures, replacing each other. Here she saw a rabbit ran after it and grabbed it with my teeth; this is again followed by phase of light sleep, which, in turn, will be replaced deep. During the night the animal is replaced by several such cycles.

It was during the phase of deep sleep, the recovery and relaxation of the nervous system of your pet. Awakened in that moment the dog looks completely disoriented and confused, she may even growl at his master, not knowing it immediately. Try not to Wake her unnecessarily, after all, sufficient sleep is very important for the health of the animal.

Advice 2 : What if twitching eyelid

Almost everyone is faced with the fact that he starts to twitch his eyes from time to time. This happens because the muscle around the eye spontaneously begins to decline due to nervous tension.
What if twitching eyelid
Contact your neurologist. This is necessary if you have a very frequently occurs a nervous TIC. In case you are often concerned about the eye twitching, can do preventive methods.

It is advisable to start to establish the reason for stress, then you need to remove it. If the cause is a nervous character, when relief from a stressful situation, as a rule, the eye stops twitching and it's all quite painless passes. To accelerate the process of extinction of nervous TIC, you need plenty of rest to reduce the eye strain that appears during prolonged work at the computer. You should also increase the time of sleep everyday for two hours.

If you feel a strong nervous tension, sedative drink a decoction of chamomile. Drink less coffee.

Take the night by forty drops of tincture of peony, pre-diluted in 50 grams of water. This tool is very effective - your eyelid will stop twitching already after 2 days. However, it is not necessary to interrupt the course of treatment. Drink the infusion during the month.

In order to enhance the effects of the above drug, can take motherwort tincture or Valerian in the daytime.

Make sure that your body receives enough magnesium that controls the normal activity of the nervous system. In turn, the magnesium contained in certain foods: fish, watermelon, peas, bananas, beans, cocoa and rye bread.

Try to get plenty of rest and spending time outdoors. Protect yourself from irritants. Enjoy a pleasant pastime: dancing, yoga, swimming etc., that will give you pleasure and what you will be able to calm down. Can go somewhere where you can be alone. This will give you the opportunity to recover their nerves in order.

Advice 3 : Why not a barking dog

Dogs communicate with the outside world, including, and with the help of barking. They can Express almost all the range of feelings – from anger and aggression to limitless happiness at the sight of the returning master. Some people even give birth to little dogs as "call", signaling the advent of the house and around strangers. If the dog is silent, it is considered abnormal.
Why not a barking dog

Among dogs there are undecideds

There are breeds of dogs not to bark is located. For example, a hunting dog, the African Basenji. These dogs are all unique – they not only bark, they even form legs different from other dogs - the two Central pads of the fingers have a Basenji, spliced at the base, like jackals. In addition to this breed, very rarely break on Lai English sheepdogs and greyhounds, and by sharpey's not often you hear a sound like it. If you got a puppy of an unknown breed, check out these whether it is the silent ones.
Breed-silent is not silent. Their emotions they can Express, growling, yelps, growls, and even howling.

The reason for the silence may be illness or stress

If the puppy in your home recently and constantly silent, perhaps he is still frightened by the change of scenery and is under stress from separation from mother. Watch him, if he constantly hides and moves, lowering the tail between the hind legs, he's just afraid or he's stressed.

The lack of barking may become a disease of the throat and respiratory tract and vocal cords. When the puppy is sick, he just physically can't bark. You can call the vet and consult with him, if necessary, the dog will need to see a doctor. But before that, let's see how he eats, how he swallows food – you can't see any signs of pain.

Barking can be taught

If all these reasons for the silence of the dog is excluded, you'll have to teach him to bark. Try to arouse such emotions are accompanied by all the dogs barking, for example, hyped up his game, make him attracted to her. When he starts to potentiate, encourage a delicacy, and should speak and command: "Voice", strengthening the reflex.
Teach your dog to not only work on the command "Voice", but silenced on command, especially if you live in a house where the staircases can be noisy.

In the case when the dog is able to bark, but does not use this skill during the invasion of your territory by outsiders, it will have to give training to dog training school with experienced instructors. This must be done carefully, if you want to use this dog as a guard. But if this skill you are not very important, maybe you should just wait a bit, when the puppy grows up and will start to position itself as your protector. When a dog has lost typical puppy obedience and flattery, and she will begin to bark at strangers.

Advice 4 : Why the child twitches in sleep

Calm and healthy sleep is important at any age. No wonder they say that children grow during sleep. Indeed, in this period the child actively produces growth hormone. Any changes or sleep disorders concern parents.
Why the child twitches in sleep

Sleep disturbance

Often restless sleep of a child worrying mothers and fathers, especially if the little twitches. During sleep startle many children. Most often this phenomenon can be observed in the first year of life. Any pediatrician will reassure you by explaining that it is quite natural and normal. In medicine it is referred to as "myoclonia sleep". To make sure that it really is a normal physiological condition, to understand the phases of child sleep.

Dream newborn baby is divided into the same phase as that of an adult. But it has fundamental differences. Starts any sleep since falling asleep. After that there is the alternation of deep and superficial sleep. Next comes the period of full awakening. It is in the alternation of sleep there are fundamental differences of adult and children's sleep.

An adult most of the time sinking into a deeper phase. His superficial sleep lasts usually no more than 2 hours per night. In young children the opposite. Their deep phase sometimes gives way to long superficial sleep.
In this period there wince, partial awakening, changes in facial expression.

This inherent nature. It should be noted that the surface dream baby contributes to the full maturation of his brain. He has a special place in the correct development of the child.


Sleep when the baby shudders periodically, and may last up to 5 years, and in some cases longer. Perhaps in this moment your toddler sees a restless sleep. The reason can also be irritability during wakefulness. If you really wary of this condition, try to perform the conditions in which your child sleeps.

Every night, before bedtime, ventilate the room. The room should not be cold or hot. The optimal temperature in the room – 18-21оС. Babies before bed, experts recommend to bathe. By the way, a relaxing bath will also appeal to older children. Don't forget that before bedtime are excluded too emotional and active games.
Also, the child should not be overfed or hungry.

If in compliance with all the proposed recommendations, twitching in a dream did not stop, seek help from a doctor (pediatrician or neurologist). A qualified expert examining the condition of your child, will give valuable advice and may prescribe the necessary treatment.
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