Before you start a relationship with a married man, you need to think about how it will feel deceived wife. Put yourself in her place, you hardly would have liked a situation where your spouse has betrayed you with another lady. You never have to deal with other people as would not have them do unto you.

How to treat your man if he's married?

If you are Dating a married man and truly love him, you can try to temporarily forget about his wife. Just keep building your relationships, because you never know what the outcome of your novel. Maybe with time he'll love you and leave family. Live happily and enjoy every minute spent with your partner. Behave with dignity, show him that you are much better of his wife, that you're exactly the kind of woman who can make him happy. Remember that you have to be patient, certainly it will take quite a long time waiting for the return of your lover's affections.

If you realize that your married lover is also having to you strong feelings, fight for it. Of course, your friends and acquaintances can in one voice to assert that nothing good will come of it, but because the rules are sometimes exceptions. Men often enter into early marriage, making mistakes. Perhaps you are faced with this situation, and only now your representative of the stronger sex understand what true and sincere love.

What to do if a married lover does not show reciprocal feelings?

Not always Affairs with married men end mutual love. Agreeing on such a venture, you initially have to prepare yourself for the fact that all your illusions may be in vain. Be realistic and do not build grandiose plans for the future together. If your romance lasted long enough, and about their love man never spoke, hardly over time that will change. Try to forget and let go of a man who does not give you reciprocity. You can never be happy with someone who does not want to be with you nothing in common except sexual relations. Take a look around, perhaps among your friends there is a worthy contender for your hand and heart.

Try to love themselves and know their worth. Self-respecting woman will be able to achieve anything you want.