How to behave with a married man?

If you have decided on a relationship with a man who has a family, you initially have to be prepared for the fact that sooner or later, your novel will end. Try not to get attached to the lover, do not impose on him, do not build plans for the future together and don't ask questions about his feelings. The man having a wife is unlikely to want from his mistress something more than just sex. Be realistic and do not look at your relationship through rose-colored glasses.

Try not to let a married lover in my life. No need to acquaint him with your friends and buddies with their parents and children. It is not necessary for you or him. Do not insist on acquaintance with his loved ones.

Limit the number of your meetings and not take the initiative about additional dates. If you initially know that this representative of the stronger sex will go from your life as suddenly as he had entered it, gather all your forces in a fist and refrain from deep feelings towards him.

What to do to your relationship with a married man was not disclosed?

Remember that during the affair with a man who has a family, you should behave very carefully, otherwise his wife can all guess. Going on a date with your lover, try not to use makeup with glitter, lipstick and perfume, otherwise his wife will surely feel the smell of another woman. Her suspicions provoke a serious conversation with husband. after which it can to move away from you.

In any case, do not write to the representative of the stronger sex provocative messages on a mobile phone, don't call him at a time when he can be near his wife. In addition, that the wife can smell a rat, your lover certainly have a negative attitude to the fact that you bother him at a bad time.

In recent years, people often use social networking sites, and if your man was in one of them, no need to put grades on all his pictures. without an end to visit his page, add a friend or send him gifts. Any attention from the outside unfamiliar women can cause resentment lawful spouse.

Never forget in the car of her lover lipstick, gloves, scarves or other things that will be able to compromise.