Talk to your man about plans for the future, that way unobtrusively. Dream out loud, let him know that thoughts of this kind have already settled in your bright head and began to take root. Let this be the first stray swallow or a stone in his garden, an occasion to reflect.
At the next meeting ask, how are you doing at his house. If he will think for a second and I will answer you that he is now at home, and your business with him is fine, a question arises about the seriousness of his intentions. In this case, you just have to deliver an ultimatum, if you wish to transfer a loved one from the status of "married" to the status "free ". Another option, if you hear an endless stream of words about his children-cat-machine-giving-mother-in-law, note that this is the final argument for breaking such a relationship. Your lover lives his married life.
When you decide in your decision to leave, you have another difficult task: to cut or cut off. The choice will depend on many factors. The nature of communication, the capabilities of your chosen, location if it is not yours, for example – a number of nuances which will affect the course of events.
Shoot from the hip, if you are strong, resilient, independent person. When you don't depend on a lover either physically or financially. Try not to be shall in any such person. Collect all his stuff, pack it and send it to taxi to where it will be. Don't give reason to go back for anything. Pick a spot, do not react to calls, SMS, emails. Avoid places where before you could easily reach. At work warn your colleagues that you are not disturbed by anonymous, breaks the phone. The alternative is to take a vacation and leave to rest.
If your relationship was difficult, and to break the connection is not as easy as we would like, start the tactic of "cutting". Your goal is to make a married lover wanted you to escape. He should understand that he made a mistake, contact such a special as you. That presence of mistress gives him a lot of problems than pleasure.
Grumble and cry for no reason. Neither that, nor another is not conducive to a strong floor. Become grumpy, bitchy, unhappy, but actually you are not alone. Try on the mask, "actress". Play one role competently and without punctures.
Ask or demand gifts, the more – the more noticeable it will affect his household budget. Today you need to dress tomorrow – shoes, the next day coat. The shortage of cash in your wallet will definitely notice his legal wife, which will lead to the obvious scandal. Do not be afraid that because of these quarrels, he will immediately fly to you to seek solace. And if they come, then that's great, you just need money for a new washing machine. You will become very costly for a man, it will serve as a warning to find the option "cheap."
Overdo the attention given to the lover. Throw him a text message preferably when he's home with his family. Come to work for him, behave differently at the General meeting with his friends and colleagues. Pretend you're a caring mom in front of mutual friends, so he felt the shame, inconvenience and discomfort.