Married man - and what is fate?

Relationship with a married man need to be easy - then there will be disappointments.

When a free woman falls in love with a married man, many of the fairer sex there is a feeling that it is fate. They do everything to make the man I divorced, left the family and they become a real couple, which you don't have anyone to hide. However, unfree men don't hurry to destroy the current relationship. Even if they are much in love, wife and children are left for them in the first place. Especially if the mistress is patient enough and is not going to change this situation. Man are satisfied. He has a house where he was waiting. And beloved woman, which gives unforgettable emotions. Such a life may last for a very long time. Mistress, if they are not willing to play by the rules, suffer greatly. Although out of the situation depends on them. If they understand that it can not continue to worry about the need to fight. Most likely, it will be a pretty dirty game, which does not necessarily end in a victory. And this should be ready. Also, it is understood that men do not always tell the truth. And even if there is a recognition in love is does not mean that the man has intentions to build a new pair. He could've just said that to make his mistress a nice, even more to win her affections.

Do not just believe the man. Analyze actions, not words, then it will be clear that he really wants.

A married man confesses his love - what to do

If there is a desire to link their fate with a man who is currently married to another woman, do not hurry. You need to choose correct tactics of behavior, so he decided to end old relationships and begin new ones. First, it is not necessary to impose. The more independent and freer to be a woman, the more attractive it is for men. Secondly, no need to rush and speed things up. Watch the behavior of men, think over your behavior, and you will benefit. Third, be resolute. After some time after the beginning of a relationship with a married man tell him about their desires. Just be prepared that they will be surprised. Very often men expect affair and not looking for something serious. After sincere conversation, someone who was not in love, no longer appear. But if a man was seized with a great feeling, it will take a time out and then make the final decision.