Relationship with a man who is already married, catastrophically affects the woman's self-esteem. She doesn't feel loved and cherished, every night the man returned to the house, but not to her, but to his wife. If you got involved in such a relationship, you need to understand what pushed you to that choice. Most women are not capable of loving a married man for the reason that women just instinctively avoid such situations in which such relations might arise. A novel with an unfree man is humiliation, pain and suffering. If you have such a novel, if you do not associate love with pain? Most likely, there is a problem. The first thing to be aware of it, then you can move on.
There are some types of relationships that can be attributed to the hopeless. Usually the reason why people's feelings can't develop into a strong and serious relationship, is the unequal status of partners. In this case, the final word always remains with a married man – he leaves, and the woman waiting for him. If you admit to yourself that relationship, then you probably turn a blind eye to their futility, fear of loneliness or other reasons. Think about what makes you try to keep a married man.
After thinking about the situation, you should move on to practical steps. Feelings for another person, whatever strong they may be, should not be stronger than feelings towards myself. You just need to raise self-esteem. This can be done with the help of a psychologist or to try to understand themselves. Sometimes people make excuses because they follow their feelings, but the reality is that they just don't value themselves too much. If you have low self-esteem, you probably will continue to be that the most attractive men are the ones who will create more problems with your ego.
A married man, who started a relationship with you, most likely, is not willing to part with either you or his wife. Therefore, in most cases, these people only exacerbate the situation, not allowing the woman to think and realize how dire her situation that she depended on him even more and went nowhere. Perhaps the man himself is confused and simply cannot resolve the situation.
Look into your future. If you will break this relationship and not try to forget the beloved married, what will your life be in 5 years? All the same, isn't it? But if you do this hard step and begin to work on yourself, raise your self-esteem, then in 5 years you most likely will meet the right guy that really appreciates you. A happy future will not come until you go to meet him.