To bind to a married man by creating a perfect environment. Eliminate any accusations, don't make trouble, to surround with care, attention and warmth. Coming to your house, the man needs to get in a cozy atmosphere for yourself.
Find out all the preferences of your beloved. It is possible that the house he gets all that he loves. What a man likes to eat what his favorite topics of conversation, what scents he prefers? For these and many other questions you will find answers.
Provide a male confidence that your relationship with him will not create problems with his family. You have to accept the fact that to call and make appointments will always be just him, it wasn't in ringing for phone, can compromise the front of your beloved wife. But do not consider yourself now a recluse, who is forced to wait for a signal from the man, you, first of all, personality.
Over time you can start to be jealous of her man to his wife. Think about it, because you are in a better position. For you, not for his wife he brings flowers and expensive wine, jewelry and various Goodies. And for the wife a man takes the role of cook and mother of his children. Depending on the financial possibilities a man can provide for you completely, and create a second family. But do not try to put it before a choice: "her or me". The choice will be most likely not in your favor, but the way back may not be.