To really want to end the relationship with a married man, angry at him. The reason for anger to find a very simple: you're always on the sidelines. When a married man once again will cancel your date, to which you carefully prepared (dressed, cooked for dinner, something special, etc.), think about what all this will repeatedly happen again. When are you again going to spend the weekend or to celebrate the holidays without a loved one, who is in the bosom of your family, think about what it always will until you meet him. I noticed something in common? You always pushed into the background.
Now look at your affair with a married man on the other side of his family. Until now you saw only tenderness, affection, care, attention. You loved his good side. But put yourself in the place of his lawful wife. You will immediately understand how much it hurts to see the tricks of a man who is going to meet with his mistress, secretly writes her texts, deceives and twists, telling where he spent time. You immediately realize that your favorite in addition to there is good and bad. Do you want to be his wife? After all, if he, in the end, will leave his current wife, and you will take her place, you will always have to wait on this man a treacherous blow in the back.
The love of a married man quicker in the distance. The distance can be set in different ways. If you have such opportunities, be sure to agree on a long business trip or just travel. Better yet, just Saivite your life, stop to adjust their lives to chart the married lover and be sure to meet other men. Once you have other interest, you can zoom out and then break up with a married man will be much easier. Remember: when one door closes, one opens the next. The sooner you leave the relationship with a married man in the past, the sooner you'll meet your true love.