Inflamed feelings for the lover are just. Romance secret rendezvous, rare date, accompanied by a fervent passion, create the illusion of a perfect relationship. However, do not rush to a whirlpool with a head and fall in love seriously. Remember that living together is very different from the rare dates. A person may be completely different from what you yourself came up with. Will he throw socks, to smoke in bed and demand to cook every day new dishes. Think about it before falling in love seriously.
If you both have families, fall in love with a secret friend is not worth it. Think what a blow to hear about your meetings, if illicit relationship is revealed. And it will happen if you let your emotions roam. The change in mood will not go unnoticed in your family. You sort of puncture, and the secret will be revealed. This will entail serious family problems, until the divorce. Are you ready to completely change his own life, the lives of children and spouse. After all to restore the marriage, most likely, will not work.
If you feel that you fall in love try to find partner's negative traits. Watch him during meetings. Maybe he picks his nose or says "calling". Now it seems funny and quite annoying. And later, when the passion passes, it will piss you off. Before falling in love see a man meticulously, as if you choose your future husband. You can even honestly describe on the sheet with one side negative and the other positive qualities. Then you'll know whether or not that person your more attention.
Experiment. Tell your lover that you want to leave the family, and will offer to open spouses. You will see the reaction. Most likely, the person just disappears from your sight and your love will be gone before it even started.