You will need
  • Or sports tuning parts
To tune a moped at the most budget level replace the variator weights, remove the speed limiter and standard hone the cylinder under the piston with a diameter of 47 or 44 mm. Weights can be bought at any parts store or make your own. Cylinder bore trust professionals. The total cost of the tuning will be about 1000-2000 rubles. When the cylinder bore 44 mm moped will start to develop 65 km/h, in bore up to 47 mm up to 70 km/h. The acceleration will be improved, engine life is almost not affected.
For tuning a moped at the average price level of the standard, replace the piston and 50 CC piston in greater capacity (for example, 72 cubic cm), install a sports variator. Compared to the above tuning of the engine to decrease, and the rate is likely to reach 70 km/h, mainly due to the increase in gear ratio of the CVT.
For expensive tuning of moped, replace the piston to 80-cubic or hone the cylinder under the piston is 50 mm, install the cylinder head with increased valves and a sports variator. In addition, buy tuning the carb or adjust the old the jet at an increased. If desired, put Shirokovsky camshaft. At this level of tuning speed is 75-80 km/h, engine life is reduced a bit (especially the crankshaft bearings). There is an opportunity to move with the slipping and "porpoise".
For maximum tuning completely redo the engine. Install the piston 90 CC (bore 52mm), head with enlarged valves, a sports variator, brand cylinder group, a sports variator. Put the carb from a light bike 125-150 CC or sporty tuning. Be sure to put brand Shirokovsky camshaft, reinforced or sport crankshaft. As a result of these changes, the engine life will be reduced, the dynamics becomes comparable to that of 125-150 CC bike, the speed reaches 90 km/h. Don't forget to set the air intake to the cooling system, to supply cooling oil to protect from overheating.