You will need
  • - Bicycle;
  • - petrol or electric motor;
  • the moped used;
  • - pulleys;
  • - the drive belt;
  • - fastening elements;
  • pipe;
  • - headlamp;
  • electric wires and switches;
  • - brake light.
Take an old bike and test it for reliability. Note that the motor immediately increases the load on all parts of the bike, so everything should be fine. Lubricate all moving parts, adjust the chain, cassette, rear bushings, brakes, tires, derailleur cables and other important details if necessary.
Pick up a motor for mopedand. You can use the motor from an old mopedand petrol lawn mowers or chainsaws. Before disassembling the motor, test it for performance, but also on the noise level (in any case, the singing of the birds you already can't enjoy). Also, pick the engine capacity of the moped with motor 1 HP, most likely, will not be able to move independently, and a roller coaster will have to help him with the pedals. More powerful engines more comfortable but also heavier.
Install on the rear wheel driven pulley, which will transmit rotation from the motor to the wheel. To do this, take an ordinary Bicycle rim slightly smaller than your rear wheel (2 inches or 6 cm), well his fix so that it rotates with the wheel.
On the bike frame under the seat make some extra tubes and a metal stand made of sheet steel in order to accommodate the engine. Install the gas tank on the top tube of the frame. Weld or fasten the engine to the bike with clamps. If the design allows, set the engine at the rear, on the trunk of the bike.
Connect the motor with a pulley with the timing belt. Inspect the belt before you install it will have to withstand heavy loads.
Given the new features of your old bike, you will probably need a new seat. Make it out of plywood, foam and upholster leatherette with furniture stapler. Then secure on a mopedE.
Be sure to equip a homemade moped front headlight and brake light in the back, because with the purchase of a mopedand you turn into a full-fledged participant of the road.