You will need
  • - tuning body kits for your model scooter
Start with restore design capacity. The fact that the factory settings of the motor is made subject to environmental regulations and improve efficiency. Reconfigure the carb – this may be enough for a noticeable increase in power. Replace the air filter on the model with increased capacity and the exhaust system more efficient. This way you will remove the obstacles that prevent the engine to develop full power, which he's capable of.
Look in the sale or order a retuned electronic engine control unit (ECU). By removing the electronic speed limits and changes the ignition timing with the help of this device the motor has reached the maximum design capacity. This will worsen fuel economy and increase the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases.
The following steps increase the power proportionally will reduce the resource of the motor. For example, boosted to 20 HP engine with engine displacement of 50 cubic centimetres will be online for 1-2 race session. Decide for yourself: do you need such sacrifices.
Modify power supply system. To do this, find your carb tuning kit with a set of nozzles that spray the main metering system and a metering needle. When installing this kit to replace or hone the diffuser below the increased diameter. Without increasing the diameter of the diffuser increase the power will not.
To increase engine power by more than 40% replace the carb entirely. Tuning the carb already has the desired diameter and cross section of the nozzles. Note that with such a carburetor, the fuel consumption will rise by more than half.
On a two stroke engine with carb and replace the flap valve at the inlet. To obtain the effect of the tuning flap valve must increase and the flow area of the inlet window of the valve. Not to rastakat them yourself, make replacement housing flap valve to a more efficient aftermarket model.
When upgrading the carb or installing a new, be sure to replace the air filter. The best option would be a sport filter of zero resistance. Their cost is very high compared to the standard, but they are reusable. Every 400-600 km rinse them in gasoline and treat with special oil.
Install a sports exhaust system. The qualitative tuning system should have the exhaust manifold, resonator and muffler. Properly chosen and installed system will not only increase the capacity by 10-15%, but increase the maximum engine speed and shift the peak power in the higher revs.
Put a sports version of the ECU. At the same time pay attention to its settings. Racing ECU, as a rule, are set to develop maximum performance at high rpm. Such models give a good advantage on the racetrack, but impede the operation of the scooter in the urban driving mode. For everyday use way control unit with software tuned to low and medium revs.
Expensive model ECU have the ability to change recorded in this program. This requires a computer, interface cable, software and appropriate skills. If there is no knowledge and experience for the selection of a suitable program control, don't try to do it the experimental way. Find a UNIT with several modes of operation.
ECU with a factory several management programs have on the power button, switching programs on the fly. The result of the capacity increase will be lower than on programmable models with careful selection of computer programs, but for city driving this system is quite convenient.