Before adjusting the carband you should first warm up the engine, because the sense of adjustment when the engine is cold there will be no. Also recommended before setting replace the spark plug and flush all channels of the carb.
Preparations for the work you have done, now starts the actual adjustment.
The first thing you have to adjust the idle screw so the engine kept revving and gloh. In the case where no idle or when they are too low or high tightening or unscrewing of screw to reduce or increase the speed, achieving values of 1800 plus or minus 100 revolutions per minute.
You should then fully tighten screw fuel mixture. As a result, the engine should stall. If it does not, check tightness of the system supply air from the air filter.
The next thing you do is turn the fuel mixture screw one turn.
The next step that you should do is start the engine and adjusting the idle screw to achieve the values of the engine speed around 2500 per minute.
Then you should slowly remove the screw of the fuel mixture, achieving maximum engine rpm. But don't twist the screw too much. Two full turns will be sufficient, but no more.
After that, you need to re-adjust the idle screw, achieving values of engine speed of about 1800 (plus or minus one hundred revolutions per minute.
The final step. Turn the throttle several times and check if the engine steadily holds the number of the idle speed. If everything is in order, the carburetor on your moped is properly configured and you can safely go without fear that it is on the way happens to be any problems.