You will need
  • - set of keys
  • - abrasive paste
  • - the piston and the shirt of the cylinder of larger volume
  • - exhaust pipe
  • - belt CVT
  • - spark plug
Replace the cylinder-piston group for tuning larger. The result is the displacement of the engine increases, and this will allow to achieve substantial power gains at a minimum cost. In addition, offset by the effects of improper break-in. Together with the replacement of Chu should change the spark plug.
Polish the crankcase, the combustion chamber and the bottom of the piston. This set of measures allows to increase the filling of the cylinder fuel-air mixture and improve the combustion conditions. Power gains will not be large, however, the scooter will become much sharper to respond to the throttle.
Adjust the carb. To ensure the most effective use of increased, need to retune the carb by installing new nozzles and polished diffuser. Standard air filter ensures a long service life, but it does not allow the engine to "breathe", it is necessary to change the filter of low resistance.
Change the exhaust system. Now available a large number of sport exhaust systems for scooters. The most efficient way – the installation of the resonance of the exhaust pipe of a type of "saxophone". You should achieve the most complete coincidence of the outlet port Chu and the receiving hole of the pipe. In addition to increased by 10-15 km/h maximum speed of the scooter will also please the owner a "sporty" sound while driving.
Reconfigure transmission. After all of this work, the scooter engine will be more powerful, standard and reducer will not fully meet its requirements. So you need to lengthen the gear ratio by 12-20%. This will allow to dramatically increase the maximum speed. Installing the sport weights in the variator and belt replacement will have a smaller, but also very tangible effect.
Remove the limiters. All the efforts may be futile, if the scooter includes a speed limiter. The most common form of restriction is the restriction in the switch. Consult an electrician will solve this problem.