The easiest way to get rid of unwanted jewelry to donate gold to the pawn shop and get money for it. The unit of measurement of gold is a gram, so the amount of money will depend on the total weight of gold objects. Be aware that many pawn shops only take gold, and for precious stones do not give anything. You can ask them out and pick yourself or find a place where your stones will offer a decent price. So, for example, precious stones can offer master jeweler.
If a special need is not for sale, it is possible to give precious scrap to the jewelry shop and melt gold into new jewelry. Modern jewellery workshops can manufacture almost any product. So, you can ask to make a copy of any decoration or develop your own unique sketch. In this case, you will be awarded an exclusive item that will accompany you for years and may turn into a good luck charm.
Don't know what to give mother, sister or some other close female? Pereplavit unnecessary gold stylish fashionable pendant or earrings – such a gift will cause genuine joy and leave a long memory of his donor. As for the price of this pleasure, you pay only the work of a goldsmith, and it is much cheaper than purchasing jewelry in the store.
If gold jewelry that you are thinking to get rid of, you like, but just have any defects or do not fit, do not rush to get rid of them. Professional jeweller will not be difficult to fix gem or cut it to size. Lost the earring is also not a problem. Many shops can easily restore a couple, having made it in the likeness of existing products.
Another option is to trade the gold. In many modern jewelry shops have stock to exchange unwanted gold into finished jewelry. It is convenient and profitable – you choose and purchase new jewelry without the hassle and financial costs. You can also exchange gold for a gift certificate and present it to someone close to you as a present.
In General, in a hurry to part with unwanted gold is not worth it, because it does not take up much space, does not lose its properties, and over time also increases in price. If you have not yet decided what to do with old jewelry, so it's not time yet, later, they will definitely serve their service.