You will need
  • diamond;
  • - a certificate for it;
  • - registration in the assay chamber of the Russian Federation.
Act according to the law. Carefully read the law "On precious metals and precious stones" from 1998. He deals with precious stones on the territory of the Russian Federation. Its breach would entail criminal liability.
Selling a diamond can not be performed lawfully in the absence of a special certificate. If you have no, contact the laboratory (it must be accredited). Experts will conduct a deep analysis and issue documents on a stone that will help you in selling it.
Install the cost. Based on data from the certificate (authenticity of the stone, weight, colour, clarity, shape and cut quality) determine the price of your stone according to the price list valid on the territory of Russia (if you want to sell it to its limits) or of any other country.
Sign up in the assay chamber (details can be found on the website The registration granted to representatives of firms or individual entrepreneurs. If you do not fall into one of the categories, we will have to resort to their help. A private person the right to sell the diamonds has not.
Selling a diamond is along with a cheque and certificate for it. Each stone requires an individual packaging. The transaction is made by the agreement (contract) on the sale of rough diamonds and is registered within five working days after the date of the sale. Data is sent to the state controllers of the Ministry of Finance to account for the transaction.