Selling gold jewelry should be treated with the utmost seriousness, to make a profitable deal.

First, you need to contact a reliable company engaged in assessment services and certification of jewellery. Some institutions offer the ransom of your wealth at the market price, but in fact, they are reselling for profit, and you will pay only a small percentage. To avoid confusion in a sea of information, learn a few simple recommendations.

Sale options

1. Valuable, original gold jewelry it is best to allocate to selling jewelry thrift store. But, with normal primitive wares, to carry them to the consignment shop is not profitable for them, you will only offer scrap price.

2. Search the Internet online auctions for the sale of gold products and put your product at a reasonable price. The vast majority of cases, the real customers are not forced to wait long.

3. Can go to the trick and to lay their treasures at the pawn shop, but not buy them, unless you want the scrap value.

Cashing in gold through the Bank

Some banks are buying back from the population of gold bullion. But in order for this transaction to succeed, it is important to follow a few requirements:

- safety packing;
- the presence of the certificate;
- no scratches, damage, dirt on the surface of the ingot;
- carrying out of additional examination.

These rules apply to the sale of the credit institution of investment gold coins. When at least one of the conditions is violated, the Bank will deny you in the purchase of gold jewelry, but can offer them scrap price. Cost scrap banking organization accept and ornaments of gold.

You can find a Bank engaged in collateral lending, that is, the cash-secured scrap gold, and then to refuse the payment of the loan. All remain at their advantage: you money, the Bank is gold.

Another workaround cashing gold bullion and investment coins is placed on the metallic Deposit in the Bank. But since your goal is not making a profit in the form of interest and storage of the gold property, you can immediately or after a short period of time to announce the closing of this account ahead of time and choose the payment of money, and gold leave the Bank. Do not forget to learn initially, prescribed whether such possibility in the contract between the credit institution and the client.