On the website of Sberbank of Russia provides the following information about the coins and the transactions of the Bank with them: "Sberbank of Russia is the leading operator of the Russian market of precious metal coins. Operations are carried out by all territorial banks of Sberbank of Russia with commemorative and investment coins made of precious metals. During the year the Bank implemented more than 1 million coins of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Large sales volumes are achieved through active work of Sberbank of Russia on expanding the range of coins offered to our customers, primarily in the gift and souvenir purposes. For this, the Bank cooperates with the Bank of Russia, and also with almost all major companies and mints of the world, including Australia, Poland, New Zealand, Germany, China and several other countries."
The easiest way to sell coins of Sberbank of Russia is to go to the nearest branch of the Bank. There you can easily sell or exchange your collectible or investment coins. But it is worth remembering one important detail. The coins must be no mechanical damage. Otherwise the Bank will refuse to accept them. Then coins will have value only relative to the amount contained therein of the precious metal. It is also worth considering the fact that buying coins is held not earlier than three years after their acquisition, otherwise you will have to pay a tax equal to 13% of the difference between the purchase price and sales.
To sell coins of Sberbank of Russia and elsewhere. Most popular in this case such methods as placing of the lots selling coins at online auctions. There are suitable and Molotok.Ru and Ebay.Com. You can also go to a pawnshop or thrift store. Fit and regular exhibitions of numismatists, as well as listings in specialized communities of coin collectors on the Internet. If you are going to sell parts of a large batch of coins, it is best to find regular brokers or buyers.