If possible, go around a few pre - Lombards. Each has its own interest rate, the terms of charging interest in case of delay of payment and special conditions. Note that the average percentage in Russia, which charge Lombards for the issuance of money secured by gold jewelry, rather big, and depending on the region of the country and Lombardand can range from 0, 30 to 2 a day. So try to find a school that will take your product at a reasonable price and without excessive interest.
Carefully select the things that you are going to pass in Lombard. Remember that, according to the law of the Russian Federation, the security does not accept gold bars, medals, all kinds of production and laboratory details. Also you will be denied if you bring foil gold. The product must be a sample of 585 or 750. Jewelry with stones, usually taken, but the weight of the stones is deducted from the total weight of gold jewelry.
Be sure to bring your passport in Lombard. You have the right to refuse to accept gold if you have not yet reached 21 years of age. If all documents are in order, the examiner will suggest that you read the contract to see the interest rate and the price per gram of gold. Be sure to ask how many days the period lasts until you can buy their products or to pledge them (paying only interest). After the expiration of this period, according to the agreement, all of your rented items shall be the property of the pawnshopand, if you fail to redeem them.
After the evaluation of the goods and signing the contract you give the amount indicated in the pledge sheet. Try as quickly as possible to return the money, because a percentage of every day will grow. Moreover, once you exceed the specified documents period of cash back, you will start to levy a penalty for double price. If initially you do not plan to buy gold, better to sell it and not give bail. Then the price will be slightly, but higher.