Advice 1: How to sell jewelry

Jewelry products, jewelry of precious metals and stones are not everyday products. Selling them is governed by special rules established by regulatory. Such regulations containing restrictions on the sale of jewelry, binding for all economic entities. First of all, you should know that the sale listed in the rules of jewelry is made only under license.
How to sell jewelry
You will need
  • - license
  • - a specialty store or Department
Selling jewelry retail may be carried out through a network of specialist retailers, including jewelry stores and appropriate departments of Department stores. Implementation of such products in the retail chain in the markets and with the hands is prohibited.
The existing requirements impose on the stores and departments that sell jewelry, the obligation to carry the weight measuring equipment of the relevant type and class of accuracy. Measuring tools must have a public stigma and to be tested in the manner prescribed by regulations.
Special requirements apply to employees engaged in customer service. They should be professionally trained, know the range and characteristics of the product, including the names of precious metals, their alloys names of the stones, their color, weight, shape cut.
The seller must be able to give our customers expert advice when selecting products and to transfer to the buyer the goods meeting the requirements for quality.
The buyer is free to choose a product, check its quality, completeness, weight and price. The buyer may require the seller to provide him with a measuring instrument and the documents confirming the price of a particular product.
Jewelry jewelry shall not be returned or exchanged at their proper quality.
In identifying product flaws or fraud, the buyer may demand that sold him the goods free of deficiencies, reimbursement to address the deficiencies, replacement of the product at the same, reduce the rates, compensation for its losses.
Sold jewelry products should contain a label, which carries information on product name, trademark, manufacturer, name of the metal alloy. Must also be marked with the sample, the mass of the product, the price per gram or price of all products.
Sold jewelry products must have sealed trademarks, which are fastened to the weight of the product thread. In some cases, a trademark may be in individual packaging.
It is forbidden to trade jewelry jewelrymi no print of the state assay mark.
Selling jewelry product is made by an invoice, which is issued in two copies, one of which is handed to the buyer.
Note also that the jewelry articles, namely, jewelry of precious metals, precious stones, semiprecious stones should be sold strictly in an individual package.

Advice 2: How to return jewelry

According to the law on protection of consumer rights, return the jewelry after the purchase in the shop is not possible, if the decoration did not match in appearance or size. However, in some cases, the seller is obliged to accept the goods back.
How to return jewelry
If you purchased jewelry product is technically fine, but you just don't like it, try to negotiate with the seller about the return. The law is not provided, but in practice the result depends on the goodwill of the owner of the salon. You may offer to exchange the product for equal value or pay for a more expensive product. To return requires that the decoration was attended by the tag manufacturer, and had the purchase receipt.
Please contact the store where you purchased the jewellery productif the ornament showed marriage. After the examination, which are required to hold their own the owners of a jewelry shop who sold you the defective product, decoration can be repaired at the expense of the store or replaced with new. Also you can get the money back at your insistence.
In case, if you have any doubts about the authenticity of the sample on jewelry, submit the written complaint to the management of the store where you purchased the ornament. The owner shall at his own expense to perform an examination of the questionable product and in case it is declared false to return the full amount. If the user refuses to accept the decoration, ask for a receipt in full, which you can use to submit complaints to the Supervisory authorities.
Go to the state Assay Chamber or at the Gemological Center of Moscow state University, where he will hold the professional expertise of the jewelry. If the check result will show that you sold a fake, contact with the conclusion gemologists (experts in stone) and a statement to the territorial office of the Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation. In the statement specify the coordinates of the store that sold you the forgery.
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