Interested in selling gold jewelry you no longer wear? The easiest way is to take them to a jewelry store. But even if the jewels are expensive, jeweler, most likely, making them much cheaper. He really is willing to pay a lot of money, not knowing for sure when the decorations will be sold.

The reason for undervaluation can be:

- unfashionable jewelry design;

- any labels on the product;

- scratches.

The jeweler may not want to take the decoration on sale, but only to the smelter, which again knocks down the price.

Test samples of gold jewelry can be another problem. Very often, the products consisting of several parts or pieces that can be made from different raw materials. Are you sure that the jewelry is made of pure gold, and in fact only a part is costly, and, for example, any decorative elements cast in a cheaper material.

If your jewelry will appreciate in the equivalent of less than ten carats, most likely, they will not accept. Most jewelers do not want to deal with jewelry of such poor quality.

The maximum amount you can get, if released to the buyer directly, better to do it through good friends. You can also place ads online, place photos of products, to indicate the weight of the sample, date of purchase and cost. But in the case of Internet sales need to be very careful, it is likely to run into scams.

If you are confident in the quality of the material can be sold jewelry to the jewelry shop. Jewelers gold allowed the manufacture of new jewelry and provide raw materials for a decent price. It may be useful to gold, in contrast to pawnshops, this office sells gold in shops, so the price per gram of gold gives higher than in the Lombard.