You will need
  • - metals for the manufacture of solder (gold; silver; copper; cadmium);
  • - soldering tube;
  • - gas burner;
  • - needle files;
  • cutters;
  • - an awl or a knitting needle;
  • pharmacy scales;
  • - acetone or other organic solvent;
  • - phosphorus;
  • - talc;
  • - castor oil.
Prepare the solders for soldering gold as a normal tin for this purpose is not necessary. To do this, take 585 parts by weight of gold, 115 parts of silver, 186 parts of copper, 112 parts of cadmium. For ease of measuring the parts by weight of the pharmaceutical use of the scales. Since gold does not form oxides, and use flux when soldering is not necessary.
Be soldering the links of the chain hook in a miniature vise. Another way to connect the ends of the divergent link in the chain previously to push through the next links round awl, knitting needle or a needle, and then grab the link with pliers. The soldering heat with a jet flame, blowing through a soldering pipe.
Enter solder in the soldering area. The solder should be spread on the future of the seam and cool. The excess solder, remove the small wire cutters. The resulting seam is clean with a needle file. Of the remaining after this treatment, fine sawdust you will be able to make solders for soldering gold jewelry.
The described method use soldering rather massive and large gold chains. However, in the manufacture of jewelry made of gold, a situation may arise when you need to solder a lot of chain links, having so small dimensions that conventional soldering is not suitable. In this case, use a small trick.
Solders for soldering gold is to mix castor oil with the addition of phosphorus. The resulting dip in the Golden chain, the links of which you want to solder. The solder will cover the surface of the chain, and filling the gaps in the links.
Then roll the chain in talc to clean up the excess solder (it will remain only in the gaps of the units held by surface tension forces). Careful now miss the chain through the flame. This will be microspace containing phosphorus solder, and the units are sealed, or rather, welded, since the temperature flashes above the melting temperature of gold.