The mites activity is in the warm time of year – from late spring until the autumn frosts there is a risk of a dangerous bite of this insect.

The danger lies not so much in the possibility of the bite as in late discovered the place where the tick has stuck. And if the visible parts of the body are thoroughly inspected under the bends of your knees or in the creases of the breast risk not to notice the tick is very high.

The tick bite

A tick bite carries the risk of Contracting encephalitis. And the longer the insect is in contact with the person, the higher the risk. Not all ticks are carriers of this dangerous virus, but again in the case of not detecting the bite in time increases the risk of wound infection.

The intervention of the tick sometimes hard to feel. The fact that upon contact with animal skin and inject their saliva than anaesthetises the bite. Mite clings to the vessels and feeds on blood until, until he will find, infecting the blood and exposing it to a man in mortal danger.

The bites of the tick

Mite selects its prey by smell. For the bite of this parasite chooses a soft and warm place, preferably moist – so any hidden fold on the body can be a temporary haven for mites. Definitely in this place blood vessels should be located as close as possible to the surface of the skin, that was easy to get to them.

This is mainly the armpits, neck, area behind the ears, under the shoulder blades, groin, buttocks, rarely the muscles of the calves and shoulders. And the sweaty places under the elastic band, belly, bend your knees and folds of the breast.

Under the hair skin is also delicate, and because ticks often choose to bite the head, but to find it difficult.

Prevention ticks

Any prevention of ticks and insect bites starts with the right kind of clothes. In a place where a lot of trees and tall grass, it should be possible to close all areas of the skin, and the remaining visible spray repellent – special repel any parasites.

Upon returning home or to the place of temporary lodging you should carefully inspect themselves and each other, subjected to critical investigation of all suspected bites and take appropriate measures if a tick still managed to sink into the skin. Removal of tick and treatment of bite it is better to trust the health worker is to immediately contact the nearest hospital.