Remember that tick can get to the skin not only from the tree. They mostly live in the grass or bushes where it is more convenient to quietly crawl to the animal or human. You only need to touch the branches, began to tick its way to a vulnerable place, and began to bite into the skin. Remember, not concerned whether you are walking branches, do not go on the grass.
Many did not notice a tick on your body, because its bite is almost imperceptible. Moreover, the first symptoms usually occur only a few days or even weeks. It depends on the characteristics of the organism and to how many viruses and waste products of the mites got into your body. Among the symptoms: fever, muscle and headaches, irritability, fatigue, sweating.
If the tick that bit you was a carrier of the encephalitis, then to the specified symptoms quickly and others are having more serious consequences. Please note, if you have a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, severe weakness, increasing head pain, and you begin to lose orientation in space, perhaps it is a symptoms of spinal cord and brain in connection with the penetration into the body of the tick-borne encephalitis virus. Immediately consult a doctor!
Carefully inspect the place of the alleged bite. It is sure to be redness, which begins to increase in size. In the center is the spot white. While the spot can reach size 10 inches. Pay attention to the discoloration of the skin after returning from the street. Redness of the same after some time may disappear altogether.
The measures of protection against tick bites can be attributed to vaccination. The vaccine is required to enter once a year. You can do this by contacting the clinic. In addition, while outdoors, try not to expose the body. Be sure to inspect after each outing, ask for help of family or friends.