The seasonal peak activity of mites occurs at the end of April – beginning of July, this is the time you should be very vigilant when going on vacation out of town or in the Park. In other summer months there is a decline in the insect bites a person, but to weaken the attention is not until October. Mites can attack you even warm and dry autumn.

Being in the woods, avoid shaded places with high humidity, not crawl into thickets of young aspen or malinniki, it is here that mites are the most common. In addition, insects accumulate on the edges of forest trails and river banks covered with tall grass. Ticks climb up on the stems of plants and small shrubs (up to meters in height) and waiting for their prey.

Moving on the terrain, choose a bright open grove with no underbrush, dry pine forests (mites don't like it settles in the coniferous forests, broad meadows and other areas where it's Sunny and quite windy. Ticks are most active morning and evening, when there is no heat. In addition, during rain, the danger of their attack is also reduced.

Choosing the right clothes will help to protect yourself from tick bites. Put on your jacket bolonevy of smooth tissue where insects would be difficult to resist. T-shirt or a shirt, you must tuck in pants, cuffs and pant legs tightly fasten to the ankle with elastic from socks. Pay special attention to the protection of the head, so as to find caught in the hair of the mites will be very difficult. Remove the hair under a tight-fitting cap or cover of their hood. Unprotected body parts ( hands, neck) treated with a repellent, apply the product on the cuffs and collar. Every two hours inspect exposed areas of the body, and after returning home, thoroughly inspect yourself, all the clothes and shoes.