Before you go for a walk, it is important to remember that in the woods and in the Park, and other places where there is abundant vegetation, there is a risk of a pincer attack. Need to prepare for each trip, especially if go with children. Various sprays and the maximum closed clothes - the first measures of protection.
No mites – no encephalitis, no itch, can't stand, and high levels on the thermometer. The experts pointed out that the most relaxed and comfortable they feel at a temperature of from 22 to 25 degrees. When the figure reaches 60 Celsius, mites, as it is for them absolutely unbearable conditions of life. However, even at this temperature, the insects die immediately, but only for one hour. But to die from mites are at low temperatures below 0.
Home parasites can be found on clothing and pillows and blankets, and from there to enter the skin. Be sure to wash your hands and avoid contact with humans and animals (infected). Bed linen should be handled correctly.
Always remember that at 60 +mites in an hour and at higher rates - immediately, and then wash clothes better at a higher temperature. Iron is very important. Especially good for prevention against ticks is to treat your clothes, bed linens and pillows, the ferry from both sides.
At room temperatures the mites living outside the body, human or animal, will die in a few days, that is why they are going under the skin, as this is the only way they can avoid death. It is therefore very important to carry out timely prevention, not only all family members, including Pets, but also to properly care for things.