You will need
  • - tweezers;
  • - thread.
Finding on the body of the embedded tick, it makes sense to go immediately to the emergency room where the doctor with the help of special tools that will remove forest guest and will tell you where to go next, to make sure that you are infected with one of the tick-borne infections. However, if the nearest clinic is left a hundred miles behind us, it is better not to wait to return to the city and to extract the arthropods themselves. Remember that the more time a tick will hold in your body, the higher your chances of getting sick.
The tick is convenient to extract using a surgical clamp or curved forceps, but if those are not available, will fit any similar device. The tweezers grasp the body of the animal as close as possible to the proboscis, and slowly rotate several times around its axis. Do not make sudden movements, so as not to tear the head from the body. In this case, removing it will be extremely difficult.
In pharmacies sell special tools designed to remove embedded ticks. They are similar to tweezers, but the body of the tick is squeezed, which prevents additional doses of arthropod saliva in blood his victims.
If not at hand any tools that can facilitate the extraction of the tick, use an ordinary thread. Tie the animal as close as possible to the proboscis and start to shake a string, moving her to the side and up. After a few smooth movements tick will appear with all of your limbs.
Once tick removed, carefully consider the location of the bite. If you see a black dot, it is obvious that operation succeeded, not completely, and in the body of the left head. It can uninstall pre-treated with alcohol the needle, as if you removed the splinter. After that the bite should be cleaned with a cotton disk soaked in alcohol, or treated with iodine.
Ticks are carriers of various infections: encephalitis, tick-borne borreliosis, babesiosis and others. Once in the city, visit a doctor and submit to a blood test to make sure that the agents of these dangerous diseases have been at the blood.