The changes in the uterus during pregnancy

Changes occurring in the pregnant woman's body, designed to help the normal development of the fetus. The main role in this responsibility is given to the womb – it is formed and develops the fertilized egg. The embryo grows, the uterus increases in size, while its sizes are one of the criteria for determining the duration of pregnancy.

During gestation the changes affect the vulva, vagina, but the biggest changes occur in the uterus during the entire period of carrying a child, it increases more than 500 times, which is possible due to its unique structure. This organ is arranged in such a way that in the first half of pregnancy the growth is due to the lengthening and thickening the muscle fibers of the walls, in the second half they stretched the walls of uterus become thinner. This occurs under the influence of hormones of pregnancy, development of which during this period is vastly increased. The changes relate to the body of the uterus, and its neck until the moment of birth changed in the least degree, as it is a challenge to keep the fetus in the womb before it was due.

As the rising uterus

The uterus begins to grow after 1-2 week after menstruation, which corresponds to 5-6 weeks of gestation obstetric. At this time, the doctor at survey can already notice the changes. By the eighth week, the body increases twice of the initial volume, and the period of 12 weeks the top edge of the uterus is at the level of the symphysis. Starting from the second trimester, the obstetrician to measure the volume of the uterus is using a tape measure. This procedure is very important in order to detect deviations in the course of pregnancy, so need to regularly attend antenatal services.

Invisible tummy gets to 16-20 week. At this time you need to update your wardrobe, get rid of embarrassing belly things, and if you want to start wearing the brace. By 20 weeks the top edge of the uterus should be at the level of the umbilicus, 38 weeks it begins to push on all the internal organs, and its upper edge is at the level of the xiphoid process of the sternum. In one to two weeks before birth, the uterus drops to the mid distance between the umbilicus and the xiphoid process of the sternum.

In normal pregnancy, these changes should not be painful. If a woman is experiencing a pulling, pressing or cutting pain in the abdomen or she have the strange feeling, dirty discharge – you need to go to the doctor.