The tone of the uterus may occur in any pregnancy. In the first trimester it usually occurs due to the abnormal production of hormones, including progesterone, which is responsible for the maintenance of the muscles of the uterus to its normal condition. Its deficiency is often the cause of miscarriage. Lack of progesterone usually occurs in women with myoma (a tumor of the uterus), endometriosis, elevated prolactin, and also in pregnant women suffering from problems of the adrenal glands.
In the second trimester the tone of the uterus usually occurs when the wrong way of life, especially during strong physical and moral overloads. Before birth, the tone may appear because of multiple pregnancy, mnogonogie or development of the fetus is too large.
To determine the tone of the uterus can a physician using palpation (feeling) and the results of the ultrasound. Normally, when the voltage of the walls of the uterus , the woman feels a pulling pain in the abdomen and pain during menstruation. Upon confirmation of the diagnosis by the obstetrician prescribes a treatment aimed at lowering the tone.
No matter what the reason for the tone of the uterus, pregnant women are recommended to stay in bed, take anti-anxiety medications, medicines that reduce the activity of the uterus. Usually in Russian practice to use tools such as Magne-B6, no-Spa, Papaverine (in the form of candles). If the cause of the tone lies in the violation of hormonal background, assign the main or Utrozhestan.
In some cases, doctors refer to the increased tone of the uterus calm, considering that it is a muscular organ, and it needs to be reduced from time to time. If a woman is not troubled by any other symptoms (pain, bleeding), the treatment may be recommendations for the observance of a healthy lifestyle, Smoking cessation, avoidance of stressful situations. In the case when the tone of the uterus is accompanied by other pathological manifestations, treatment performed in a hospital.