Hypertonicity of the uterus threatened miscarriage or premature birth. The main symptoms are pain in the abdomen and in the sacrum or lower back. So at the first such signs please contact the clinic.
Before you attend the clinic you can determine the condition of the uterus. Lie on your back, legs bend at the knees and relax. Gently palpate the uterus. When hypertonicityof e, it thickens, becomes hard as stone. Often this tension is felt even without probing.
If your doctor has prescribed you an ultrasound, be sure to follow this procedure. The device determines total or local thickening of the muscular layer of the uterus. Because the local view of its own you don't always feel it. And this can lead to detachment of the placenta.
In addition to miscarriage and premature birth hypertonicity may lead to a lack of oxygen or the delayed growth of the fetus. So seriously consider all procedures prescribed by the doctor.
Regardless of the reasons hypertonicityand you must strictly comply with bed rest. So in any case do not refuse hospitalization at the appearance of pulling pain or contractions in the lower abdomen or lower back.
Be sure to take a sedative prescribed by a physician. After all, fear of losing the baby may exacerbate existing hypertonus. Usually doctors prescribe natural preparations — the tincture of Valerian or motherwort. If such medications do not help, then move on to stronger drugs. I can recommend "Nospam", "Sibasa", "Trioxazine".
In the case of a progesterone deficiency in the first trimester of pregnancy, the doctor prescribes drugs "antiseptic" or "cough medicine". To eliminate hypertonicityand apply spazmolitiki, often "no-Spa". In any case, do not assign themselves such drugs. Be sure to consult with your doctor.
Take care of yourself and the unborn child. Avoid stress, try not to be nervous at work. Periodates with heavy industry to lighter work.