Why the need for urological massage

Prostate massage in medical practice used for nearly a century. It is more efficient at low cost. Therapeutic effect of urological massage focuses directly on the patient's body and is transrectal.

There are several varieties of therapeutic massage for men, they can be carried out both in complex and separately. It massages the prostate, urethra, testicles, seminal ducts, koprovyh glands.

Urological massage is not only therapeutic but also a diagnostic procedure. During her specialist determines whether the treatment effect, monitors changes in the diseased organ. That's why this massage should conduct a medical worker.

By itself, urological massage will not cure the patient of chronic prostatitis, but may increase the effectiveness of medication and fizioterapevticheskoe treatment. During the course of procedures in the future andrologists doctors recommend that men lead a healthy lifestyle - do not abuse alcohol, not to smoke, to exercise and to observe a day regimen.

Technique of prostate massage

For half an hour before the procedure, you need to do a cleansing enema. Usually for carrying out urological massage specialist decides what is the patient's posture is suitable in his case. It may be the knee-elbow position or a position lying on your side with legs bent and pressed against his stomach with his feet. Only these poses provide access to all organs that are impacted by urological massage.

The massage is performed in disposable latex gloves with the use of ointments with anesthetic or special lubricants. 10-20 minutes after stool, but with a full bladder (in this case it is easier to palpate the prostate) can begin to massage.

The finger introduced into the anus to a distance of 4-5 cm Here is well detectable the lower part of the prostate gland. Need to massage in circular movements from the periphery to the center in the course of the excretory ducts. The right and left lobes of the prostate are massaged in turn. Much pressure is not necessary, as it can be painful and ineffective for treatment.

Massage does not last long - from 30-40 seconds to 1-1.5 minutes. Up movements that mimic writing the number 8. Particularly highlight the Central sulcus of the prostate. Urological massage should be done every day or every other day courses for 10-15 procedures.