There are two ways of removing the sound from one of speakers, hardware and software.The first case is convenient in the case of the column has a fastening the wire under a screw connection. In this case, you will need to take a Phillips screwdriver and tilt your speakers one or both wires.
In sound system in the format of 5:1 and 7:1 all speakers have separate connectors (jacks) on the amplifier or the subwoofer. Why would you pull the plug the desired column from the corresponding connector switching equipment. After that, you will need to make sure that you have cut the chain of the audio system. To do this, set a sufficient volume to make sure sound is not from the required column.
The second way to mute one of the speakers software. It is convenient because you do not need to Unscrew anything or pull. It is enough to use one of the standard tools of your operating system.
The easiest option is to click the left mouse button in the lower right corner of the screen on the Windows speaker icon. In the opened window you will see the rails of the volume control and above it is the icon column. Click on it with the left mouse button. In the opened menu, go to "Levels" tab. In the opened tab in the "Internal speaker/headphones" click on "Balance" with the left mouse button. The screen will display additional menu tab the volume of the speakers. Required slide rails (left or right) to the left. Sound with one of the columns disappear.
In addition, you can click on the "start" button and in the appeared window choose the tab "control Panel". You will see a window with options of settings for Windows. In this window, double-click the mouse on the icon column and the inscription "Sound". Then you'll need to repeat the steps in the previous step.