You will need
  • lubricant;
  • - rubber seals;
  • tools.
Carefully inspect the installed Chinese metal door and try to figure out the reason why you hear the squeaks, and to determine the place where they are going. In most cases, the creaking hinges of the door or the sound caused by friction of metal of a door cloth on a box.
If the creak comes from the door hinges, lubricate them. This will enable you to avoid the inconveniences caused by unregulated Chinese doors.
Another reason, which might squeak door hinges - hinges hit the dust. The reason for this can be very diverse, for example, the apartment is undergoing renovations (and as you know, during the repair of the dust and dirt galore). Purge the inner loop, and then lubricate them with special grease.
If the input Chinese doors miss the draughts, cold and noise, then you need to take care of the noise for such a door design. In this case you may need the rubber seals, and complete the insulation of the front door.
Chinese adjustment of the inlet door is performed in the following sequence: loosen the middle hinge, then follow the weakening of the lower or upper hinge (the choice of loop depends on the place, whence came the creak). Painting metal door pull or move to the box, tightening the nuts located at the extreme loops.
Following this posetite door: this must be done in order that the nut had taken their seats. Then open the front door and close it down with a pen and listening, whether there is abnormal noise or squeak. If you cannot resolve the problem, repeat all the operations related to the setup of the Chinese door again.