Massage the prostate gland is carried out with the patient lying on his right side with bent knees and pressed against his stomach with the feet or the knee-elbow position. In this situation the muscles around the prostate gland are optimally relaxed. The massage is carried out with full bladder. Massage of the prostate is highly skilled specialist. Wearing sterile rubber glove on the right hand, the doctor slowly introduces the index finger of the right hand, pre-lubricated with petroleum jelly into the rectum of the patient, finds the prostate, determines its size and texture and holds massage lobes of the prostate gland.
Massage the prostate gland for the patient should be painless, eliminating all discomfort. The first movements are in the nature of the surface, moving stroking. Further pressure on the prostate gland should increase evenly. The pressure force depends on the consistency of the gland: the soft consistency – the pressure force is low; if the texture is dense, then the pressure on her must be energetic. If the gland consists of a thick and soft sections, in accordance with this alternating pressure on the gland.
Massage of the prostate used in a day, the procedure lasts no more than one minute. Massaging the prostate gland with full bladder. After the massage the patient must urinate, jet of urine is removed pathological (inflammatory) the secret gland. The nurse washes the channel and the bladder of the patient is weak (the pink, 1:5000) solution of potassium permanganate or any other disinfectant, it is necessary to prevent infection of the bladder and urethra.
A positive result of massage is the secretion of prostatic juice at least four drops. At the same time held regular research of a secret of glands and the absence in it of harmful bacteria, stop the massage at first for 3 days, and then for 10 days. In the break, examine the prostatic secret, under favorable efficient result, massage the prostate gland stop.